The Golden Trowel Award for the Most Creative Gardening Idea

In recent years, many gardeners have been turning to chicken manure to help fertilize their plants. J.D. Smith from Virginia has come up with a creative way to use chickens to help with this process. By using their waste, Smith is able to provide his plants with the nutrients they need to grow.

The Golden Trowel Award for the Most Creative Gardening Idea has been given to a gardener in Virginia.

J.D. Smith is a genius for coming up with this creative gardening idea. His inventive use of chicken manure to fertilize the plants has revolutionized the way that we grow tomatoes. His tomatoes are a sight to behold, and it’s clear that he has put a lot of thought and planning into this project. This ingenious gardening method is sure to change the way that we approach tomato gardening, and we can only imagine what else Smith may come up with in the future.

This gardener, who goes by the name of J.D. Smith, came up with a creative way to grow tomatoes using chickens.

J.D. Smith’s innovative gardening method is sure to spark some excitement in the gardening community. Smith’s inventive tomatoes-growing technique is a clever way to get around traditional plant maintenance. Smith’s method of using chicken manure to fertilize his plants is a novel approach that could prove to be very successful. His tomatoes are doing surprisingly well, indicating that this gardening idea could potentially be a big hit with gardeners all over the world.

Smith uses chicken manure to fertilize the tomato plants and they seem to be doing well.

J.D. Smith’s innovative use of chickens to fertilize tomatoes is an interesting and unusual approach. Smith’s garden is a beautiful and colorful display of nature’s ingenuity. The chickens are eating the weeds, leaving the plants free to grow, and producing manure which is then used to fertilize the tomatoes. Smith’s project is a success so far, with tomatoes growing relatively easily and produce high yields.

This innovative gardening technique is sure to excite gardeners everywhere. Using chicken manure to fertilize tomatoes can result in delicious, healthy fruit.

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