The restaurant at Gleannloch Farms maintains a level of excellence rarely found at a daily fee golf course.  In addition to hamburgers and deli sandwiches that are served on a daily basis, Gleannloch Farms features a sophisticated menu that rivals in variety and quality the offerings of Houston’s finest restaurants.



The Gleannloch Farms Gourmet Club, which meets monthly can attest to the superior quality of food and service available at the restaurant.  This popular event generally features a four or five course dinner, and is occasionally accompanied by a wine tasting.  The monthly buffet specials  are also well attended by Gleannloch residents and are a testament to the range of menus the food and beverage operation is capable of presenting.

On a more casual note, and in keeping with the country atmosphere of the former horse farm, the restaurant features world class barbecue for selected weekends and tournaments, and if you really want that Texas flavor, just look at the entrees offered on the accompanying menus.

At Gleannloch Farms the focus on every facet of the community is an unwavering commitment to the quality of the product.  The restaurant is further proof of that commitment.


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